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Webinar: Working Towards Climate Resilient Fisheries

Interested in gaining some insights and ideas on how to build climate resilience in Canadian fisheries?

In an upcoming webinar (May 5, 9-11am PDT), hosted by Jenn Burt from Nature United, participants will learn how U.S. collaborations are advancing the development of climate resilient fisheries, and how Canadian fishers/harvesters can repilcate these efforts.

Open for anyone to join, this free webinar is primarily geared to harvesters, crew or anyone working within or connected to the fishing industry in Canada. The webinar will feature a suite of guests from the U.S. East and West Coasts, including Alaska, and there will be time at the end for open Q&A and discussion.

When: May 5, 2023 - 9-11am PDT

Where: Online via Zoom:

For details and information on panelists, see the webinar backgrounder (pdf)

Webinar Presenters

  • Gway Kirchner - Marine Fisheries Project Director, The Nature Conservancy (Oregon Chapter)

  • Kiley Dancy - Fishery Management Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council

  • Franz Simon - Postdoctoral Research Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Fisheries Panelists

  • Susan Chambers - Deputy Director, West Coast Seafood Processors Association

  • Captain Tom Roller - Owner and Founder, Beaufort-based WaterDog Guide Service

  • Eric Reid - Fisheries Consultant

Webinar Host

  • Jenn Burt - British Columbia Marine Program Lead, Nature United


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