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man walking with fishing net and fish in his hands


Supporting Community Well-being

Building community members’ capacity to participate more fully in commercial and community-based fisheries is a top priority for all shareholder Nations.


A thriving local fisheries sector promotes the ability for residents to secure long-term, stable livelihoods that support their families; encourages vessel ownership and participation in community-based, FSC and commercial fisheries; improves overall community and economic well-being; and supports food security objectives.


One important way to increase opportunities for community members is to widen the range of fisheries options available. A community-based fishery allows fishers with small and medium-sized vessels to run successful start-up fishing operations. Over time, fishers from the community-based fishing fleets may transition from the community level to the coast-wide commercial fishery.


A Thriving Coastal Economy 

Positive benefits of a healthy fisheries sector extend much further than the sector itself. Improved job and wealth creation in fisheries ultimately leads to job creation throughout coastal communities, in service, and other related industries.


A thriving Nation-based fisheries sector means more people will be able to stay and work in their communities. The incomes they generate will support their families but will also support the wider community through re-investment of profits and long-term wealth generation. This is true not just for Indigenous communities but for all communities that depend on the sea for their livelihood and the economy of their coastal homes.  

two men pulling a fishing net on a boat
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