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Message from the CEO: Paul Paterson

Updated: Mar 13

In his introductory message for the 2023 CNF Annual Report, CEO Paul Paterson describes the Nation-based leadership driving CNF's success.

One of the key messages I’d like the people of the eight shareholder Nations to know and understand is that Coastal Nations Fisheries is your company.

From the ground up, CNF’s creation story has the leadership and people of the Nations at its centre. I am constantly amazed and deeply respectful of the foresight of all the people who have contributed to creating this 100% Indigenous-owned fishing company—your company.

Over the last 18 months, CNF has become an active participant in BC’s coast-wide fishing industry and a significant holder of licences and quota. CNF is developing a reputation as a company that keeps the commitments it makes and is a reliable participant in the marketplace.

We have also worked in support of shareholder Nations in developing their community-based fisheries (CBF), including acquiring fishing access, specifically licences and quota. As well, through the collaborative governance process with Canada, we are working with Coastal First Nations and others to create the space and flexibility necessary to implement the innovative approaches and the tools necessary to successfully operationalize the CBFs.

I look forward to what we can accomplish together over the coming years and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you.


Paul Paterson

CEO, Coastal Nations Fisheries


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